LASIK Eye Surgery

Clarifications andprocedures for Boston laser eye treatment

We offer many refractive surgical options at our Boston eye care centre which works effective. Eye care centre normally check your eye with advanced equipment’s. Our laser eye surgery cures all your vision problems effectively. After undergoing a thorough vision evaluation, you and your physician will discuss and conclude which treatment is required for your eyes.


Normally cornea is placed to the centre of our eye. The function of cornea is to focus light onto the retina and senses the objects. When it views any light, a signal is passed to the brains through nerves. Thus it produces an image that is crisp and clear to view your eye. For the near sighted eye the light seems to be blur and frustrating. In this situation the cornea focuses light in front of the retina. For the farsighted eye, you can see blur images light is focused behind the eye. Lasik treatment is commonly done to enhance the vision power of the eye.

Laser eye surgery definitely suits your eye and it issafest method for your eyes. You will feel more comfortable after this surgery in our Boston laser eye care centre. Enhance the vision power of eye with the help of our eye care specialists.

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Correct your vision by selecting a proper laser eyetreatment

Laser eye surgery can correct varying degrees of near-sightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and is generally the treatment of choice for patients with high degrees of myopia or hyperopia.

The laser beams travel to the interior portion of your eye and it reaches the cornea. The portion situated near to cornea is made of very thin muscles and they are usually flexible in nature.

In laser surgery, the underlying surface of the cornea is reshaped with laser, allowing light to be refocused and the vision is improved

Laser eye surgery generally results in little disturbance or some operative pain and fast recovery of vision to your eye.

We will undergo a very thorough evaluation that will help your physician determine the options available to you.

Thus using laser treatment the vision power is enhanced, so that you can gain excellent vision.


Laser light can produce fine beams of refractive lights, and it removesmicroscopic amounts of tissue fromcornea. This process reshapes the curvature of the eye. Femtosecond Lasers, such as the FS200or the Intra Lase are an all laser approach to vision correction in eye they create thin flaps in the eye using short laser pulses. The flaps are then lifted from the eye’s surface, and the curvature of the eye is enhanced. It also removes glaucoma like congenital glaucoma, angle-closure glaucomaand open angle glaucoma in eye.

We discuss about whatprocedure suits your eye and it may dependupon many factors including the nature of your vision problem, recovery time, and your age.This effective laser eye surgery eliminates the need of wearing glasses or contact lens.

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